What are Cheaper Alternatives to Laminate and Hardwood Flooring?

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Do you see your floors worn, scratched, or simply out of style? Good thing that in this day and age, there are a lot of options available for you when looking for hardwood flooring. However, some of them can be quite expensive, especially when they come from the rarest and finest of wood material. If you go back in the past, there weren’t many options for consumers to choose from when their flooring is in need of replacement. Today, there is no need for you to spend so much on hardwood flooring since there are cheaper alternatives, which you can find more about it at http://www.oldworldstoneimports.com.

Natural bamboo

Bamboo is widely accepted to be environmentally friendly and a good alternative to hardwood in which it results in a similar or natural look, minus the steep cost. Bamboo is one of the fast growing material in the natural world, thus making it a renewable resource that is environmentally friendly. Its characteristics make it very easy to clean, not to mention its streamlined style adds up to the overall astonishing factor when they are installed in any home in modern times.

Pretty porcelain

Porcelain tile may not be made out of wood material, but it is a very popular flooring type of material, not to mention that it comes in a variety of designs, colors, and sizes. Most of these porcelain tiles are made out of various materials which include marble, natural stone and even some of them contains wood-grain textures. Generally, a single tile is easy to maintain, durable and highly resistant against water. It is the perfect material to use for kitchens and bathrooms. Also, the large-format tiles can be used as a dramatic element of decor and it can even be expanded visually in a room since it has minimal grout lines.

Long-lasting laminate

laminate is a very durable, attractive and inexpensive alternative. It is widely available in a variety of colors and styles, including the reproduce stone, wood and many other natural materials. It is resistant to stains and moisture, it is also ideal for high-traffic places in the home such as hallways, kitchens, and bathrooms.

Comfy cork

This is an environmentally friendly material, not to mention sustainably harvested. Cork flooring can be injected into the much-needed color and texture in any given space. Added to that, it is a natural material that is highly resistant to mildew, mold, and insects. It also possesses noise-reducing characteristics. Although this material may not be as durable to be placed in high traffic places, its insulating properties and cushiony surface turn this into a kind of material a good choice for areas where you spend most of your time standing, like the kitchen.

Painted plywood

Since almost all houses feature a subfloor made of plywood material, for those of you who love to do DIY projects, you might want to take some notes from this one: skip on the added flooring and just paint the whole subfloor. Stenciled or painted designs have been widely used in order to add more interest to the look of the flooring way back in the 1700s.

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Tips on becoming an effective Tech Blogger

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With today’s fast-pacing world, anyone who has a good internet connection and is willing to share latest updates about the technology can be called a Tech Blogger. Considering this fact, there are hundreds and thousands of Tech Bloggers around that you are going to compete with if you are planning on becoming one. However, there are certain tips and tricks that you should keep in mind if you want to be an effective Tech Blogger.

Choose a certain field

The world of technology is indeed too vast to explore so you have to choose a certain topic which you have initial knowledge or the one that you are really good at. In that way, you can assure that you are disseminating reliable information towards your readers. The last thing that you wanted to do is to create a blog about a certain topic on which you knew next to nothing.

Keep up with the latest trends and mainstreams

Now that you have your topic, keep up with the latest trends and make sure that you are updated with all the latest gadgets, features, news and events. Anything and everything that has to do with your topic must be included in your blog. Another thing to remember is that you must at least update your blog regularly. Do not keep your readers waiting and do not also post updates that are already widespread. Keeping your blogs as updated as possible is a great way of keeping your readers and viewers.

Explore other dimensions

If you want to rise above the crowd and be unique from the rest of the tech bloggers, you must at least avoid talking about the latest smartphones for that is too common. Go beyond. There are other components of the tech world that need to be introduced into the public.

Provide insights, opinions and analysis

Aside from providing reliable sources of news, you might also want to provide your own personal insights or analysis about a certain product or occurrence. Give something that readers won’t be able to look for in other blogs. Your opinion is unique, therefore you should include it in your blog in a way that you can reach you can build a connection between you and your readers.

Be an all-round tech blogger

There are some instances that tech bloggers seems to be focusing on hardware only. Why not include software? As much as possible, include all things that are related to your topic and some useful tips and articles. Tap all the crucial components that need to be discussed or topics that needs further explanation for your readers.

Interact with fellow tech bloggers

From time to time, you can post guest posts for your blog to assure the credibility of your sources. With that being said, you should interact with your fellow tech bloggers. Socialize and be an active participants to gain more knowledge and perspectives. One way of keeping your blog alive is to post videos of interviews from experts or you fellow tech bloggers.

There are more ideas from Tech Republic on how you can make your tech blogging more effective.


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Life made easier: Computer software tips and tricks

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Whether you’re working with a project or you have are keen about the time that you spend in front of your computer, there are some software tips and tricks that may come in handy in helping you save more time and get things done instantly. Here are the following tips that you should remember:

Activating the control panel

There’s this hidden folder on Windows that you need to activate in order to create a control panel for all OS settings in just a few clicks from your desktop background. You just have to activate this mode by creating a new folder and named it with God Mode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} (Note: just copy and paste the file name) and the God Mode would automatically appear on your screen. It makes all settings easier to access and would save more time because all that you could be looking for is in one folder only.

Eliminate large files

If you think that your PC is taking too much files which causes the system to slow down, the best way to create new and large storage space is to eliminate and delete large files that would most likely eat too much space. WinDirSat (Windows Directory Statistics) is a tool that would help you identify large files that consuming too much space for you to delete.

Backup important and confidential files

If there’s a big project or school work that you are working on, you must at least ensure that you’ll have a backup file if something goes wrong. There are numerous application such as GoogleDrive and DropBox that you can use as your backup to make sure that everything that you’ve worked hard for is securely saved.

Deleting the entire word

If ever you have mistaken or you messed up with the whole word, you can just delete it all instead of deleting every single letter that you’ve typed. Just by pressing CTRL + BKSP, everything that you’ve done is gone in an instant.

Using keyboards as your cursor in moving around with words

Most people use their cursor in moving around with words or in starting a new paragraph. You can eliminate this lengthy process just by pressing CTRL + left arrow to move to the previous word or CTRL + right arrow to move to the next word.

Copying the active window to the clipboard

Normally, when you tend to have a screenshot you would just hit the PrtSc button but if you only wanted to copy only the active window on your PC, you can click ALT + PrtSc to copy the only active window that you wanted to show to someone or you might need for a specific purpose.

Undo little mistakes

You could’ve already heard about CTRL + Z wherein you undo what you have deleted. But this trick doesn’t only apply to word but also if you accidentally delete a file, you can just click CTRL + Z and it will undo the action taken. If you’re browsing using Mozilla Firefox, you can undo the tab that you’ve closed already by just pressing CTRL + SHIFT + T.


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5 useful computer hardware tips and tricks

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If you want to utilize the technology and use your computer to its fullest potential, you must at least learn more about your Windows computer. There are numerous tricks that everyone should know about that would help them save their time and get things done instantly all the while keeping all things organized.

Search easier using the Search Window

There are some instances that you would just save a file and would end up checking each and every folder for a single file in which you have forgotten where you had saved. Chances are, you’d end up wasting your time that would sometimes lead to frustration.

In order to eliminate seconds that you’ve wasted looking for a certain file, use the Search Windows instead. It is a program that is specifically designed to browse through different files and folders just by entering a keyword or the name of the file that you are looking for.

Minimize all windows using the Aero Shake

If you’ve been working hard on a project, there are some instances that all the windows and program running looks like a great tornado on your screen. In order to clean this ‘clutter’, there’s this feature called ‘Aero Shake’ that lets you minimize all windows except the one.

In order to use this feature, all you need to do is to click on the top of the window and hold it using your mouse. Once you’ve hold it, began shaking it back and forth. In that way, all running programs and open windows are minimized.

Eliminating Caps Lock

For most cases, the user tends to forgot that he pressed the Caps Lock button and began typing as fast as he could only to realize that most what he had typed is in all capital letters. Of course, he would delete it all and would eventually redo typing again which would consume too much time.

In order to eliminate this and avoid retyping again, you just have to highlight the text in all caps and simply press the down SHIFT + F3.


When you take photos and pictures from Facebook or Google, the image would automatically be named and saved as image.jpg or IMG_89536732fd348. If you are tired seeing this again and again, you simply have to rename all of it in order to organize your files and images. Just highlight all the pictures that you want to rename. Right mouse-click and select Rename; then you can just put on the name that you wanted. For example, Prom 2016 and all the photos will be named after that except that it has a number on the end side: Prom 2016(1), Prom 2016(2). This is not only applicable in photos but also in other media files as well.

Shortcut keys

There are numerous known shortcuts to make organize things in an instant such as CTRL+C for copying, CTRL+Z for undo and CTRL+Y in redoing. Another shortcut that you could take advantage of is to snap a window in order to project two open windows on your screen at the same time. You only have to press the Windows key + right or left arrow key.

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